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Arizona County Jail Inmates: Useful information and applicable knowledge

How to locate an Inmate in the Arizona Prison
& County Jails

The Arizona Department of Corrections regularly does not offer information
about County Jail Inmates. Nevertheless it’s a good idea to have a look at their

ADC Inmate Datasearch
. The ADC website inmate data is not exhaustive but
there are some useful tips for searching inmates in Arizona.

Do you know the County of Incarceration? Look at our well-structured listings
whether the appropriate county offers direct online access to their inmate
records. At the moment you will find a clear menu on the right side of this page
with all counties with searchable websites. There are also some other valuable
links that may help you with your search.

If you cannot locate a prisoner in this way or the county jail does not have
online access, you need to contact the

city or county facility
for further information.
Contact information might also be available in the government section of your
telephone directory.

Please see the major drawback of any official
You need to know in what state or county the inmate is
incarcerated. Moreover, the search is usually only possible for current inmates.
The amount of available data is spare. Therefore a complete background check may
be a good complement. A very good and affordable public records provider with
reliable information can be found here:

Often people become frustated by searching an county inmate:
- they cannot find the searched person
- the amount of available data is spare
- the official search is very time-consuming
- doing to many searches that get them nowhere
Because of this reasons many people join a recognized data service provider. For
searching an Inmate in Arizona we highly recommend, the simple, fast, and low-cost solution with ALL
Arizona Prison Records in one site!


Counties with Inmates Records Direct Online Access

Cochise County
Sheriff´s Current Inmate List by Name (pdf)

Maricopa County
Mugshots -> Booking within the last 3 days

Maricopa County
Search for specific Crime and see every

Navajo County
County Jail Current Inmate Housing Report

Pima County
Pima County Adult Detention Center

Pinal County
Sheriff’s Office Inmate Search

Yavapai County
Online Inmate Lookup

Counties without Prison Records Online Access / Resources and

We’re working hard: coming soon In Arizona there are 10 ADC State
. On the appropriate website you will find contact numbers &
addresses, inmate capacity, work, education, treatment programs, prison photos,
visitation rules, unit information and directions. There´s also a Prison
Location Map

Arizona State Prisons Listing

Search an Inmate in an Arizona State Prison
You need details on
Arizona Police Departments
or Arizona County Sheriff’s Offices?
Want to have a look at Arizona’s most wanted criminals and
fugitives? Or do you want to check the Arizona sex offender registry
for a particular Arizona County?
Every topic on the right has it’s own page. On these appropriate pages you will
find all the useful information in well-structured lists and directories.

Arizona Police Departments
Arizona Sheriff Departments
Arizona Most Wanted
Arizona Sex Offender


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