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How to find each Illinois inmate easily

There are several ways to search for inmates incarcerated in the Illinois prison system. Some are very tough and challenging, some are tedious and time consuming, and some are much more easier. But by far the easiest way to search for inmates with nearly instant results is to search with the help of a professional service. Try the preliminary FREE search:
Easily find each Illinois inmate instantly

IL Prisoner Locator Video

If you are trying to find a specific inmate but aren’t sure where he or she is being held, you may need to conduct an inmate search. Check out this short video for advice and tips.
Helpful video how to locate IL inmates

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IDOC Inmate Search

Flag of Illinois

Flag of Illinois


Seal of Illinois

Seal of Illinois

The Illinois Department of Corrections (IDOC) operates the adult state prison system in Illinois. The IDOC is led by a director appointed by the Governor of Illinois. It was established in 1970 and its headquarters are in Springfield.
Prison Population: 47,504*
Parole Population: 28,043*
Adult Correctional Centers 27*
Maximum Security Facilities: 6
Security Staff: 7,703*
Death Row: Illinois hat the death penalty until it was abolished in 2011.
*as of 6/30/10

Illinois Inmate Locator

Find Federal Prisons

Find Federal Prisons in Illinois

State Prisons

Find State Prisons in Illinois

Find County Jails

Find County Jails in Illinois

Find each Inmate easily

Find each Illinois Inmate easily

Illinois Inmate Resources

Illinois Facility Directory

Illinois IL Facility Directory

Illinois Offender Demographics

Illinois Offender Demographics

IDOC Community Services

IDOC Community Services

Illinois Correctional Industries ICI

Illinois Correctional Industries ICI

More Resources to find IL Federal Prison, State Prison and County Jail Inmates

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Illinois Inmate Search

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Illinois Public Records

illinois public records content


Illinois Dept of Corrections Records:

  • Illinois Past and Current Inmates
  • IL Correctional Facilities
  • Illinois Parolee Records
  • Illinois Prisoners Sentencing Files
  • IL Inmates Criminal History
  • and much more …

Illinois Prison Jail Inmates: Useful information and applicable knowledge

How to locate an Inmate in the Illinois Prison/Jail

For their Illinois State Prison Inmates the Illinois Department of
Corrections (IDOC) offers a helpful

Inmate Search
(you may search by last name, Idoc #, or date of birth).
Illinois State County facilities (e.g., County Jails) do not
fall under the jurisdiction of the State of Illinois Department of Corrections.
Therefore County Jail Inmates are not searchable within the Illinois DoC web

Do you know the County, where the inmate is incarcerated? Some counties in
Illinois offer direct online access to their arrest records. Have a look at
these counties, you may be able to find the searched prisoner: Illinois Counties
with Arrest Records Online Access.

If you cannot locate an inmate in this way or the county jail does not offer
online access to their arrest records, you need to contact the

appropriate local county government
. Contact information might also be
available in the government section of your telephone directory. Another
possiblity: Try a private public records provider – we recommend

Major drawback of any official search:
You need to know the exact state and county of incarceration. Moreover, the
search is usually only possible for current inmates. The amount of available
data is meager. Therefore a complete background check may be a good alternative
choice. A very good and affordable public records provider with reliable
information can be found here:

Often people become frustated by searching an county inmate in

- it is not possible to find the searched inmate

- the amount of available data is meager

- the search on Government Websites could be very time-consuming

- often they do to many searches that get them nowhere

Because of this reasons many people join a recognized data service provider. For
searching an Inmate in Illinois we highly recommend,
the simple, fast, and low-cost solution with ALL Illinois Prison Records
in one site!


Illinois Counties with Inmates Records Direct Online Access

Adams County
Adams County Inmate Report

Cook County
Inmate Locator – Search by name or jail number

Crawford County
Crawford County Sheriff’s Dept Jail Roster

Ogle County
Press Releases incl. Arrests

Will County
Will County Inmate Search

Illinois Counties without Inmate Records Online Access / Resources
and Information

We’re working hard: coming soon On the appropriate web site the Illinois
Department of Corrections (IDOC) offers a complete listing of their

correctional facilities in alphabetical order
. It is also possible to select
directly a IDOC facility – for example the

Big Muddy River Correctional Center
or the

Jacksonville Correctional Center

All Illinois IDOC Correctional Facilities

Search an Inmate in an Idaho State Prison
There ist much information
available on the internet! Therefore all the links on the left open a new

Every topic has it’s own page. On these appropriate pages you will find all the
useful information in well-structured lists and directories. Illinois Police
Departments  (coming soon)

Illinois Sheriff Departments (coming soon)

Most Wanted Illinois (coming soon)

Sex Offender List Illinois (coming soon)

Illinois Warrant Search (coming soon)



This site is specifically designed to search for inmates! is the simple, fast, and low-cost
solution for anyone, who is searching arrest records in Illinois:

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+ advanced Illinois inmate lookup databases

+ IL Inmate Record Check & IL Prison Location Search

Search Illinois Inmates with

#2 IL

IL is a recognized and trusted
online public records
information provider:

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IL Public State Records with Illinois

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organized databases, resources and data centers for Fast Public Record
searches in Illinois

+ Find Court & Criminal Records of Illinois Inmates Serving Time

+ instant access to all of their organized IL public record databases

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Illinois Public Records with

IL Vital Records

IL Property Records

IL Neighborhood -Report

IL Asset-Search

IL Real-Estate Reports We are still in negotiations with partners to give you
the best offer. But a little time do we need yet.

Illinois Correctional Industries ICI