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Ohio Inmate Lookup – Useful information and applicable knowledge

How to gain information on each Ohio Prisoner

Visit the

Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction
website. The ODRC
supports an

Online Offender Search
on those inmates currently incarcerated in an Ohio
prison or those inmates who are currently under Ohio DRC supervision. You may
search by different criteria:

  • Name Search: Last Name alone or both first and last name.
  • County of Commintment Search: Produces a list of those
    offenders, who are sentenced from the selected county.
  • Residental County and/or Zip Code: Searches for ‘APA
    Supervision’ will include those offenders under APA Supervision (e.g., parole,
    post release control, etc.) as well as those offenders who are Violators at
    Large (VAL). Searches for ‘Violators at Large’ will include only those
    offenders who have absconded APA Supervision.
  • Next Parole Board Hearing: will produce a list of inmates
    currently scheduled for a Parole Board hearing on the entered month and year.
  • Offender Number: Should be used if the offende number is
    know. All offender numbers are 6 digits, no spaces or hyphens.

To locate an Ohio inmate within the OH county jails and/or city Jail (OH
County Jail Inmates, who are NOT under the supervison of the Ohio Dept of
Rehabilitation and Correction), please visit our directory of 
Ohio counties with online access to their inmate records on this website.
However, at this time, not every county or sheriff do offer access to their
inmate records.

If you can’t locate an Ohio inmate this way, it may be necessary to get in
touch with the appropriate sheriff’s office or even county correctional facility
to receive the information in person, by mail, or by phone. For further
information and contact information you may start at the directory of

Ohio County Websites
. .

An alternative: You may use a private public records provider.
Take a look at our list of recommended
Ohio Prison Jail Inmate Records provider.

The easiest way to gain information on
the desired inmate:

Use the
Ohio prison jail inmate search on the top of this page.
Currently there are over 6,000,000 in the U.S. that are in jail, prison, on
probation or in parole. Get instant access, only first and last name are


Obtain information on Ohio County & City
Prison Inmates effortlessly

#1 Criminal-Records.org
 Criminal-Records.org is the simple, fast, and low-cost
solution for anyone, who is searching inmate records in Ohio:
+ ALL Ohio Jail and Arrest Records in one site!
+ Advanced OH prison records and Ohio inmate files lookup databases
+ Ohio Inmate Records & OH Correctional Facilities Location Search
Try here: Ohio Inmate Records at Criminal-Records.org

 #2 Gov-Resources.com
Gov-Resources is a recognized and affordable online records
information provider for Ohio Prisoner Records:
+ lets you take advantage out of a network of multiple Ohio databases
+ quickly and efficiently search and locate any inmate within the Ohio
Prison System

+ top OH quality lookup results
Click here for Ohio Arrest Records at Gov-Resources.com

#3 GovRegistry.us
 GovRegistry.us offers 100% legal and fully organized
North Carolina databases, resources and data centers for fast Inmate Record
searches (incl. Ohio Offender Search):
+ get Ohio Court & Criminal Records of Inmates Serving Time
+ instant access to a multitude of Ohio Public Records
+ complete online records searching for OH Offenders and Ohio Inmates
Visit Ohio Inmate Locator at GovRegistry.us