Wisconsin Prison Inmates


  • Visit the Wisconsin Department of Corrections. The Wisconsin Dept of Corrections does’nt offer direct access to Wisconsin offender records , but information on an inmate’s location can be found by using the link titled Search Location under the Inmate heading on the “How to Find” Web page (Vinelink). The appropriate Wisconsin Department of Corrections VINELink homepage is an online resource where the public can access information about offenders who are incarcerated in, or recently released from, a Wisconsin DOC Correctional facility (Wisconsin State Prisoner).  This service is provided to you by the Wisconsin DOC Office of Victim Services and Programs (OVSP) in an effort to keep crime victims and the public informed.
  • To locate a Wisconsin inmate within the WI county jails and/or city jails (Wisconsin County Jail Inmates, who are not under supervision of the Wisconsin Dept of Corrections), please visit our directory of Wisconsin counties with online access to their inmate records on this website. However, at this time, only a few Wisconsin county do offer access to their inmate records.
  • If you can’t locate a Wisconsin inmate this way or if the appropriate county doesn’t offer an online inmate search you might consider to get in touch with the appropriate sheriff’s office or even county correctional facility to receive the information in person, by mail, or by phone. To obtain contact information of county sheriffs and county correctional facilities you may visit this directory of official Wisconsin state, county, and city government websites.